In the Romanian made to measure business, stylists dictate to the client, each stylist trying to impose their own recognizable style on the market. But they have one thing in common: in their opinion, you have to show that your suit was made to measure by adding as many customized details as you can. And making bold combinations – like matching green trousers with purple suspenders, blue jacket and red shoes. The result is a suit that looks like you’re going to the prom, to stand out and show off. Pendriff came up with a different approach. A suit must not necessarily be a fashion statement, but a matter of discovering and displaying your own style, and to adapt it to context in a way that serves your image strategy.

Pendriff. Made to measure a man

“You are not the clothes you wear. What you are begins inside. But then, you face
the world and you challenge it. And you change it to your standards. You’re a man.
You were made to measure.”


Fashion branding

EIKON 7 also came up with a different selling process. We created a template simulation where the clients could upload their photos and try on various styles, fabrics and colours. We integrated the use of this app with an optional offer for personal branding consultancy.


Web design and web development

By entering the initials of your name you received a personalized version of the website.

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