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Launching the movie “Operation O21” in Pakistan

In a country were TV is yet king, we conducted a sort of a social experiment and launched a movie only using social media – actually just Facebook. In an intense 3 weeks campaign we managed to reach 3.044.305 people, we got 307,934 page likes, and 19,837 shares. Operation O21 earned around 21 million impressions.

The result? News excerpt: “With 3 films this EID, the cinemas have broken the highest sales record in Pakistan’s history. They have earned over 53 million rupees in 3 days with 3 films – ‪#‎O21leading, with 21.3 million rupees in 3 days. #O21 made 6 million the first day, on EID, competing with 3 films, while Bang Bang opened alone on Friday, with no competition, and made 7.5 million”.

Beating the Indians at their own game is no small feat.

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