How haunted is your office?

For Halloween, we created for BestJobs an web-based app for users to identify horror colleagues. In order to escape these haunted places one could apply for a new job on the BestJobs website. We identified 5 typologies that haunt corporate offices.

The White Walker
It’s the colleague who sets the air conditioning to minimum temperature during summer and opens the window during the coldest winter day. He or she doesn’t care you are freezing, thinking only of… whatever a white walker thinks of.

Hannibal Lecter
It’s the one you seem to get along with just fine, until he or she invites you to eat your heart out by telling on you to the boss.

These are the colleagues you can’t work with until they’ve had their coffees. And even after that, whatever task comes along, they’re huge fans of brain. Storming. Brainstorming.


You know. The colleague who’s been there forever, maybe even before the company started? The one who’ll never leave? That’s the mummy.

The gym is his passion and he hopes you’ll notice. Of course, there is a difference between working and working out. Maybe that’s why he’s green with envy when bonuses come.

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