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Bombini approved by kids!

Bombini is a freshly created brand, made for the Belgian market. The story of Bombini is one full of innocence and beauty. When it comes to kids clothes, parents usually decide what to buy by adults standards. The results are perfectly matched combinations, sometimes to dull and not at all attractive, from a child’s point of view. Bombini is all about kids deciding for themselves. There is not right or wrong when it comes to matching the colors or the clothing pieces.

We decided to involve children even in the branding process. We did that by conducting qualitative research to find out what kids really want in a brand. But we did it in an unconventional way, letting the kids play while we talked with them. This is how the name Bombini was born. It was a name created by a kid for other kids, told in a childish language that children could understand, but to which adults could relate, too. The logo was also derived from the way kids in our groups drew the hair. And, of course, the logo was entirely approved by kids!

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