TibiTech was a complex hospital management system from Pakistan, with optional ERP, telemedicine, eDEWs and many other useful tools. TibiTech was deployed in a large number of army hospitals, but it was not perceived as being relevant in the commercial sector. The name was also relevant only for Pakistan, while one of the objectives was to extend to international markets. Lacking an articulate brand positioning and not being well known in the commercial sector lead to an urgent need for rebranding.


Through the functional benefits of process automation, cost reduction, information accuracy, better diagnosis and history of the patients, we got to the emotional benefits: managers can feel like visionaries who can leave a mark, the doctors can perform better and be proud and the patients are more confident and have more chances of recovery. So we figured out that the final benefit of the product is that it brings out the best in people, for the common good and we expressed it with the slogan ‘Technology makes people better’. Meaning it allows people to perform better and get better. We started with the logo symbol, using multifaceted shapes of the letters I and C, expressing the power to deal with complex aspects of a medical facility. Using the tessellation design along with oceanic blue tones, we gave it a modern, reliable and relaxing look. From here, we designed the entire brand book and we built the identity of one of the most complex hospital management systems.

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