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Jolidon is a Romanian lingerie and swimsuit manufacturer, founded in 1993. In 2000, the company founded Jolidon Hungary KFT in Budapest, then in 2001 Jolidon Italia SRL, in Milano. Later, it extended to France as Jolidon France SARL, first in Paris, then in Lyon. As of March 2008, Jolidon operates 103 stores, 65 in Romania, 35 in Italy, and 3 in Hungary. It also franchises 10 boutiques in France.




Jolidon’s problem, in 2006, was that, on their main market at the time, Romania, they were perceived as a “healthy, cotton lingerie brand”, according to the national research we conducted. Twice. Because the client wouldn’t believe it. Why they couldn’t believe it? Because, for years, they had been winning Paris International Lingerie Salon awards and they thought PR campaigns and news had made that clear to all their customers.

Anyway, we analyzed their competition and we repositioned Jolidon, the umbrella brand, as “European Fashion Lingerie”, to differentiate it from all the other brands, that sold “French” or “Italian” lingerie. This proved useful especially on the American and Asian markets. But the brand was still missing eroticism.

So we also restructured the brand architecture and we added Jolidon Clandestine, which was to become the symbol of each woman’s wild alter ego. The rebranding included an even deeper transformation of the marketing mix and even of the organization itself. The distribution (and pricing) needed to change, for their premium brand, Prelude, which they agreed to remove from the Jolidon stores and sell separately.

We insisted that the design department be split into three separate design departments, for each of the three brands (Jolidon, Jolidon Clandestine and Prelude), because each brand had a different spirit and used different fabrics. Then the stores layout was changed. It took almost one year, but the result was worth it.

Today, Jolidon stands for fashion, elegance and sexiness and nobody even remembers the cotton.

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