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We had to create a milk&dairy brand, for a small, regional, producer, with no previous marketing experience. We ended up getting involved in pricing and distribution and also meeting buyers from two hypermarket chains, in order to sell our client’s brand!

The client only wanted a name and a logo and asked for a price and a deadline. Relevant information was hard to obtain. It took time to make the client understand why we needed to know about price and distribution and how they were relevant to the branding process – as it turned out, the were also exporting their products, to Italy. Most of all, their input had been misleading regarding the main product, the milk. They came to us convinced that, without UHT and Tetra Pak, with a very short expiration date, their product was subpar. We turned what they perceived as a disadvantage into a reason to believe for the new brad promise: freshness. And it worked.

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