How we alerted the Information Services

Hollywood Multiplex was the first and remains one of the biggest multiplexes in Bucharest. In order to better promote the movies in location – the mall – we created T-shirts for the employees, with messages from the movies or derived from the movies. One of the messages was: „Welcome to Hezbollah phone line, for terrorist supplies press 1” – from the movie “Don’t Mess with the Zohan”

Promptly, an Information Service agent showed up at the cinema’s brand manager office and warned her to stop promoting terrorism.
At first she thought it was a prank, but when she realized he was serious she told him: “We also have a message on T-shirts that says “Aliens are better in bed than humans”… is that defamatory propaganda? Should we desist?” Nevertheless, the next day, the Zohan T-shirt went out of fashion. That’s why they stopped wearing it. It just wasn’t cool anymore. It happens.

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