How we made a TV commercial with 99 Euro

The client, ProVideo, is part of an important media trust that owns the most important television in Romania – ProTV. Thanks to this affiliation, the client benefited from free TV advertising space, but they didn’t have the budget allocated for a TV commercial production, so they asked us to come up with a simple in-store promotion mechanism and campaign.

Nevertheless, we proved to be the proverbial monkey’s uncle and came up with a simple TV commercial idea that cost only 99 euros.
We bought 30 seconds of footage, from an image database, to which we added, in-house, a voiceover and a branded billboard-out. The footage showed a toy monkey with cymbals, jumping and making funny noises. You couldn’t help looking at it puzzled and mesmerized, then you heard the following message: “You look at this nonsense and you don’t win anything. Watch a DVD and you can win lots of prizes.“
More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Boy, do we love advertising.

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